A 12-24 Month Timeline for Transitioning

February 25, 20232 min read

Here's a general timeline to help you focus your efforts and make the most of your transition: 👊


12 to 24 months before separation

Start your research early! Begin exploring your options for a civilian career that aligns with your skills, interests, and values. Utilize resources such as the VA and VETS, and attend job fairs and networking events specifically for veterans. This is an excellent opportunity to get your name out there and connect with potential employers

6 to 12 months before separation

As you near the end of your military service, it's time to start tailoring your resume to the civilian job market. Highlight your military experience and skills, and begin networking with other veterans and civilians in your desired field. Explore educational and training opportunities to help you transition, and consider utilizing your GI Bill benefits to pay for these programs.

3 to 6 months before separation

You're getting close! Now's the time to start applying for jobs and attending job interviews. Utilize your military experience and skills to showcase your qualifications and value to potential employers. Continue networking, attending job fairs, and exploring new opportunities.

1 to 3 months before separation

The end is in sight! Keep networking, applying for jobs, and attending job interviews. Remember to take care of your physical and mental well-being, as this can be stressful. Utilize your resources, including the VA and VETS, to support


Congratulations! You've made it. Separate from the military and start your transition to the civilian sector. Utilize your GI Bill benefits to pay for education and training, if applicable.


Post Separation

Keep the momentum going! Continue networking and applying for jobs, and take advantage of any additional resources available to veterans. Be prepared to adapt and be flexible as you navigate the job market and find a career that is the right fit for you..

Remember, every service member's transition will be different, and this timeline is just a guide to help you focus your efforts. You can make a smooth and fulfilling transition to the civilian sector with proper planning and preparation.

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