Frequently Asked Questions

I just joined ACT Now. What are my next steps?

Feel free to participate in the FB group, look at the guides available for the different resources and apply for the offered resources.

I never received an email for the Informational Orientation?

There are a few common causes for why you may have not received confirmation. The most common reasons are:

  1. It may have went into spam or mailbox promotional folder.

  2. The email was entered incorrectly (i.e. yourname@gmail'.con', <yourname>@'gmailcom')

  3. Your mailbox is full.

We generally advise double checking to ensure you entered your email correctly, it's an easy honest mistake. No worries if you have to enter it twice, we can make the correction to ensure you're good to go!

I want to attend your orientation but can’t because of work.

We offer our orientation sessions every Saturday at 1PM EST. You can attend at any time.

I have attended your orientation, now what?

Once you attend the Saturday orientation, you will be provided with a survey link and a specific code that you will be required to enter in order to prove attendance. Once complete, you are free to apply for resources from Act Now as available.

I applied for a program provided by ACT Now Education, what's next?

First, thanks for taking advantage of the resources provided by ACT Now Education. The next steps are ensuring you have applied for the Informational Orientation held every Saturday. If you've already attended the Informational Orientation and have received the code provided during the orientation, then you're good to go. We'll review your application and you will receive an email on next steps to get you on your skill building journey.

I want to get a free Coursera account. How do I proceed?

All the steps to obtain a free Coursera account are posted in the Guides section. Ensure that you follow all the prescribed steps.

Who is eligible for a Coursera account? How long do I have access to it?

Once you're provided access to your Free Coursera account, you have approximately ONE year of access. So we highly advise taking advantage of the program only if you have the time commitment to do so. Make sure you stay active in learning to preserve your membership.

No worries if you don't have the time right now, we aren't going anywhere any time soon!

Do you provide any specific resources for military spouses?

There are various resources posted on our Facebook group for Veterans, Military Spouses and Transitioning Service Members. Feel free to check out the Guides (mentorship, scholarship, career resources) and take advantage of those that you are eligible for.

I want to complete my education and don’t know where to start. Do you provide any resources or scholarships?

ACT Now Education endeavors to provide awareness about resources for various topics. We do not have any specific scholarships or programs, but we can direct you to a variety of sources for such needs. Feel free to visit the Guides posted on our FB group, as well as our Resource Guide, to learn more.

Do you have any resources for military children?

We have a partner collaboration with Clark University and the Cyber Workforce Alliance to take advantage of TechBoost and TechQuest. This program is open for military children 17 years or older if they are interested.

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